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We always do "Italian," either lasagne at home, or a trip to an Italian restaurant where we might have fish dishes like linguini with clam sauce.

Enchiladas with New Mexican red and green chile sauce would be very festive!


My Mom used to make standing rib roast and popovers...sigh. I miss those days.


I would suggest jambalaya, but I don't know how that would rate on "Christmas-y." I have a good recipe if you want.

Alpha Mom

You could do a differemt ethnic dish each year . . . that could be your Christmas Eve tradition. You're already two years into it!

You could do something Asian this year. But, then again, I'm a total foodie whose kids love Indian food and feta-stuffed olives and calamari and . . . well . . . whatever we put in front of them!

Growing up, we always had fondue for Christmas Eve.


My sister's family does pork tenderloin, potatoes, veggies, fresh rolls. Sets up nicely for the next day's Christmas breakfast with bacon or sausage on the side, and Christmas dinner--ham, of course. (This paragraph was sponsored by the National Pork Board.)

We do lasagna because it's easy to put together & easy to clean up--who needs dishes on Christmas Eve when there's last-minute everything else to do?

Peeved Michelle

All good ideas. Thanks.


My parents always did the traditional Swedish "Julbord" buffet, with various hot and cold dishes. Casseroles, breads, cheese, cold cuts, little pickled things, etc. It was lovely.

I'm probably going to make Cornish game hens for the husband and me this year: tasty, short cooking time, and weird teeny wishbones!

Peeved Michelle

Amy, I like the idea of a buffet. We could each have a favorite dish in the buffet. It would be interesting to see how the selection changes over the years.


Christmas Eve growing up my Mom would make a complete FEAST! Everything home made including lasagna, sausage rolls, meat pie, cabbage rolls, perogies, salads, antipasto, pickles.. Butter tarts, sugar cookies, shortbread, lemon loaf, fruit cake, ginger cookies..

Ok, sort of getting my own message. Next holiday season will try to recreate what Mom did. Cook/bake traditions for the holidays..

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