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I've been going to the Aveda Academy for awhile now... to the same girl. Now that my hair is in an annoying pain in the ass stage I may have to spend a bit of money. I've usually had the same views you do on hair cuts... especially when I had super duper long all one length hair. I'm usually only willing to spend money when I'm doing something different.


Holy shit. $100?! I just bit the bullet and spent $50 including tip and still felt icky about spending that money.
Wait, I just pulled out the calculator to figure out that husband, who gets his hair cut every 4 weeks at $20 a pop is spending $270 a year.
I only get my hair cut twice a year at most so if I spent $100 it would still be less than he is spending. Hm. Interesting.

Peeved Michelle

Amy, if I get my haircut three times in the same year, that's a lot, and still is just over what your husband spends.

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